Who we are

Vision and Mission

At Yeng Tong, we are more than just a maritime service provider; we are a dedicated team driven by expertise, experience, and innovation. Our mission is twofold:

Our Mission

For our customers, we are committed to delivering tailor-made, high-quality solutions that precisely meet their unique needs.

Our Mission

Leading the Way, Engineering Tomorrow, with Unyielding Quality.

Customer Centric Commitment

Our foremost mission is to provide our valued customers with top-tier services that are meticulously tailored to their specific needs. We strive to not only meet but exceed their expectations, ensuring their utmost satisfaction.

Empowering Our Team

For our employees, our mission extends to creating a workplace that offers stimulating and challenging opportunities. We are committed to fostering personal development, providing avenues for professional growth, and offering a clear career trajectory to every member of our team.

Environmental Responsibility

Our mission is not limited to our internal operations. On a broader spectrum, we pledge to act as responsible corporate citizens, showing utmost care for the environment and the communities we touch through our projects. We understand our role in leaving a positive and sustainable impact.

Our Group of Companies