YTC Marine Services Pte Ltd

Anchoring Success, One Vessel at a Time.

Core Services :

Vessel Procurement

Project Support

Vessel Leasing

Fleet Diversity

Custom Solutions

Years in the Industry:

30 Years

Founded on March 28th, 2005, YTC Marine Services Pte Ltd serves as the indispensable support division of the esteemed YTC Group of Companies. We have established ourselves as a pivotal player in the maritime industry, specializing in the procurement and leasing of an extensive fleet of vessels. Our strategic investments have consistently totaled multi-million dollars, encompassing a diverse array of marine vessels, including barges, tugboats, hoppers, crane barges, and more.


  1. Vessel Procurement: At YTC Marine Services, we meticulously source and acquire a wide range of vessels to cater to the evolving needs of the maritime sector. Our expert team ensures that each vessel in our fleet adheres to the highest industry standards.

  2. Vessel Leasing: We offer flexible and cost-effective vessel leasing solutions to meet short-term and long-term project requirements. Our well-maintained vessels are available for rental, enabling clients to access top-tier maritime resources without the burden of ownership.

  3. Project Support: YTC Marine Services serves as an indispensable partner for maritime projects of all scales. We provide tailored vessel solutions, technical expertise, and logistical support to ensure the seamless execution of marine operations.

  4. Fleet Diversity: Our extensive fleet encompasses various vessel types, including barges for cargo transport, tugboats for towing, hoppers for dredging, crane barges for heavy lifting, and more. This diversity enables us to cater to a wide spectrum of maritime needs.

  5. Safety and Compliance: Safety and compliance are non-negotiable aspects of our operations. YTC Marine Services maintains rigorous safety protocols and ensures that all vessels meet or exceed industry regulations, guaranteeing the security of both our clients and the environment.

  6. Custom Solutions: We collaborate closely with clients to tailor vessel solutions to their specific project requirements. Whether it’s offshore construction, port operations, or cargo transport, our customized approach ensures optimal outcomes.

  7. Reliability and Efficiency: YTC Marine Services prides itself on reliability and operational efficiency. Our vessels are well-maintained and manned by experienced crews, assuring clients of smooth, trouble-free maritime operations.

In summary, YTC Marine Services Pte Ltd is your trusted partner in maritime solutions, offering a diversified fleet and expert services that cater to a wide range of industry needs. Our commitment to safety, quality, and operational excellence makes us a premier choice in the maritime support sector.