YTC Shipyard Services Pte Ltd

Crafting Maritime Excellence, One Vessel at a Time

Years in Industry

20 Years

Core Services

Vessel Repairs
Refurbishment of Vessel
Ship Building

YTC Shipyard Services Pte Ltd is a dynamic maritime company headquartered in Singapore. Established on August 10th, 2004, we have built a sterling reputation for excellence in the maritime industry. Initially focused on vessel repairs, our journey has seen remarkable growth and diversification.

From our humble beginnings, we have evolved into a comprehensive maritime service provider, specializing not only in vessel repairs but also in the intricate refurbishment of vessels. Our mission is to ensure that marine construction projects have a reliable partner to guarantee their fleets are not only fully equipped but also maintained at the highest standards.

In recent years, we have expanded our portfolio to include shipbuilding and the fabrication of marine navigation aids and vital vessel components. This expansion underscores our commitment to innovation and adaptability, meeting the ever-evolving needs of the maritime sector with cutting-edge solutions.

At YTC Shipyard Services, our dedication to quality, safety, and client satisfaction remains unwavering. We take pride in our journey and look forward to continuing to serve the maritime industry with excellence and integrity.