YTC Industries

Sculpting Tomorrow's Structures, Today.



YTC Industries, established and incorporated in Malaysia in 2021, is a dynamic force in the construction industry. We specialize in ironworks and common structures, focusing on the design, supply, and installation of steel molds and formworks for precast applications in diverse construction projects, including buildings, housing, bridges, tunnels, and various civil engineering works.

Our Commitment to Excellence: At YTC Industries, our unwavering commitment is to understand and fulfill the unique requirements of each customer and partner. Over time, we have earned an exceptional reputation by consistently delivering products of the highest quality, all while maintaining a competitive pricing structure and adhering to promised timelines.

Our Mission: Our mission at YTC Industries is a perpetual journey towards improvement. We continually enhance our knowledge and expertise, striving to provide our clients with high-value services. We achieve this through innovative design solutions, a steadfast commitment to quality workmanship, and the dependable delivery of top-tier products.

As your trusted precast partner, YTC Industries is dedicated to contributing to the success of your projects and ensuring that our products and services meet and exceed your expectations.