Rental & Plant Equipment

With over four decades of specialized expertise in marine and construction works, YTC stands as a trusted partner with a wealth of experience and a fleet of state-of-the-art machinery. Our investment in top-tier equipment, including cranes, excavators, and long-arm excavators, positions us to excel in projects serving the construction, offshore and marine, infrastructure, and oil and gas sectors.

Our Approach

Powering Your Projects, Every Step of the Way.

At YTC, our dedication to excellence is powered by cutting-edge equipment and a team of experienced operators who skillfully maneuver these machines. We are your partners in success, providing the machinery and expertise needed to drive your projects forward efficiently and effectively.

Pre-Purchase Inspection: Buyer’s Representative

Trust our seasoned experts to represent your interests effectively during pre-purchase inspections, ensuring transparency and reliability in vessel acquisitions.

Marine Incidents Analysis Representative

Trust our experienced team to represent your interests in marine incident analyses, providing expert insights and guidance to navigate complex situations effectively.

Crew Handling

Rely on us for comprehensive crew handling services, including immigration support, letter of guarantee facilitation, transportation arrangements, and agency services.


Precision and power meet in our excavators, the workhorses of many projects, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in excavation and earth-moving tasks.

Long Arm Excavator

When reach and precision matter, our long arm excavator extends the capabilities of traditional excavators for complex tasks.

Tugboats (600-1600)

Trust in our fleet of robust tugboats, ranging from 600 to 1600 horsepower, for reliable towing and support services in marine operations.

Crane Barge

Our crane barges are equipped to handle heavy lifting and specialized construction tasks on water, ensuring efficiency and precision.

Cutter Suction Dredger

A vital asset for dredging and reclamation projects, our cutter suction dredgers efficiently remove sediments to shape waterways and shorelines.

Hopper Barge

Hopper barges play a crucial role in transporting and offloading bulk materials in marine and construction operations.

Backhoe Dredging

Our backhoe dredging equipment excels in precision excavation and trenching tasks, enhancing project efficiency.

Sand Pump Dredger

A key player in dredging operations, our sand pump dredgers efficiently transport sand and sediments.

Survey Boat

Trust in our survey boats for accurate data collection and hydrographic surveys in marine projects.

Flat Top Barge

Versatile and reliable, our flat top barges are ideal for transporting equipment and materials in various marine and construction scenarios.

Heavy Duty Backhoe Dredging

or demanding excavation and dredging tasks, our heavy-duty backhoe dredgers are up to the challenge.

Tug and Barges

Our tug and barge combinations offer flexible solutions for towing, transportation, and support services in marine operations.

Tug and Hopper

Designed for efficiency, our tug and hopper combinations streamline the transportation of bulk materials in marine projects.

Crawler Crane

A heavy-duty lifting machine characterized by its stability and mobility. It features a set of caterpillar tracks, allowing it to move with ease on various terrains while hoisting and relocating heavy loads with precision and safety.

Wheel Loader

A versatile heavy equipment piece designed for material handling tasks, it excels in loading, transporting, and stockpiling various materials in construction and industrial applications.

Amphibious Excavator

his specialized excavator is designed to operate both on land and in water. It’s ideal for dredging, wetland construction, and other aquatic projects.

Voyage / Spot Charter

Maximize your shipping efficiency with our voyage and spot charter solutions, tailored to meet the unique demands of your cargo and routes.

Full Charter

Our full charter services ensure you have the entire vessel at your disposal, offering flexibility and efficiency in managing your marine logistics.

Time Charter

Seamlessly navigate the complexities of time charter agreements with our dedicated support, optimizing your chartering experience.

Bareboat Charter

Explore the possibilities of bareboat chartering with our expert guidance, providing you with the flexibility and control you need for your maritime ventures.

Dump Truck

A robust vehicle tailored for transporting loose materials such as sand, gravel, or construction debris. It’s equipped with a hydraulic bed that tilts to unload cargo.

Roller Compactor

Essential for road construction and pavement projects, this equipment compacts soil, gravel, asphalt, or concrete to create a sturdy, smooth surface.

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