UEM Land Berhad

Construction Period

Mar 2009 – Jul 2010

Scope of Works

Sand Filling
Construct Seawall


Bandar Nusajaya, Malaysia

Dredging Works

650,000 m³


150,000 m³

Rock Revetment

244,000 m³

Silt Curtain Works

10,170 m²


395,000 m³

UEM Land Berhad

UEM Land Berhad leads a comprehensive project involving reclamation, earthworks, dredging, rock revetment, and the deployment of a temporary silt curtain in Bandar Nusajaya, Malaysia. This ambitious project is integral to the development and enhancement of the coastal infrastructure in the area.

Project Details:

  • Location: The project is strategically located in Bandar Nusajaya, Malaysia, emphasizing its significance in supporting the region’s economic and infrastructural development.

  • Dredging Works: The project involves the meticulous removal of a substantial volume of 650,000 cubic meters of sediment and debris from the project area, optimizing water depth and ensuring navigational access.

  • Reclamation: An area of 150,000 cubic meters is dedicated to reclamation, adding valuable land and enhancing the coastal region.

  • Rock Revetment: Approximately 244,000 cubic meters of rock are used to construct revetments, providing structural stability and erosion protection along the shoreline.

  • Silt Curtain Works: A temporary silt curtain, spanning 10,170 square meters, is deployed to minimize the environmental impact of construction activities and protect aquatic ecosystems.

  • Earthworks: A significant volume of 395,000 cubic meters of earthworks are undertaken to prepare the land for development and construction.

Construction Period: The project commenced in March 2009 and was successfully completed in July 2010, spanning approximately 16 months. This timeline underscores the extensive planning and execution required for such a multi-faceted coastal infrastructure project.

Contract Amount: The project holds an estimated contract value of RM 72 million, reflecting the substantial investment in developing and enhancing the coastal infrastructure in Bandar Nusajaya.

UEM Land Berhad’s involvement in this initiative underscores their commitment to advancing infrastructure and development, contributing significantly to the economic and environmental sustainability of the region.