Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran Malaysia

Construction Period

17 May 2018 – May 2022

Scope of Works

Break Water
Shore Protection Works

Main Contractor

Vista Infinity Development Sdn. Bhd.


Muara Sungai Paka, Terengganu, Malaysia

Dredging Works

1,221,000 m³

Rock Fill Works

1,221,000 m³

Geofabric Works

241,915.11 m²

Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran Malaysia

The project “Pemuliharan Muara Sungai Paka, Terengganu” for the “Jabatan Pengairan Dan Saliran Malaysia” involves various activities and works aimed at the restoration and preservation of the Paka River estuary in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. The project scope encompasses several key components, which are:

  1. Breakwater: A breakwater is a structure built along the coastline or the mouth of a river to protect against the force of waves and to create calmer water conditions within the estuary. In the context of this project, the construction of a breakwater is likely aimed at reducing erosion, maintaining navigation channels, and protecting the shoreline.

  2. Groyne: Groynes are typically short, narrow structures built perpendicular to the shoreline or riverbank. They are used to trap and accumulate sediment, thus preventing erosion and maintaining the stability of the coastline or riverbank. The installation of groynes at the Muara Sungai Paka is likely intended to mitigate erosion issues.

  3. Dredging: Dredging involves the removal of sediment, silt, and debris from the riverbed and estuary. It is a crucial activity for maintaining proper water depth and ensuring the free flow of water. Dredging at the Muara Sungai Paka would likely aim to remove accumulated sediment and maintain navigability.

  4. Shore Protection Works: Shore protection works refer to various engineering and construction measures undertaken to protect the shoreline from erosion and other natural forces. These measures may include revetments, seawalls, or other structures designed to safeguard the coastline from wave action and erosion.

In summary, the project’s main goal is the conservation and rehabilitation of the Muara Sungai Paka estuary in Terengganu, Malaysia. This involves constructing a breakwater and groynes, conducting dredging operations to maintain water depth, and implementing shore protection works to safeguard the shoreline. These efforts collectively contribute to the preservation and sustainable management of the Paka River estuary, which is likely critical for ecological and economic reasons in the region.