PSA Corporation Limited Project

Construction Period

Dec 2014 – Apr 2017

Scope of Works

Maintenance Dredging


Tanjong Pagar, Keppel Brani Terminal

Dredging and Disposal

20,000 m³

Project Spotlight: Maintenance Dredging – Enhancing Maritime Accessibility

Project Overview: YTC Construction played a crucial role in ensuring smooth maritime operations by undertaking maintenance dredging at the defined area of Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, and Brani Terminal, Singapore. This project exemplifies our commitment to preserving waterway depths for safe and efficient navigation.

Key Project Details:

  • Location: Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, and Brani Terminal, Singapore
  • Scope: Maintenance Dredging, a vital process to maintain optimal water depths for vessels.
  • Dredging and Disposal: Approximately 20,000 cubic meters of sediment were expertly dredged and disposed of responsibly, adhering to environmental standards.
  • Construction Period: From October 2012 to July 2013, this project was completed in a dedicated span of 9 months.

Our involvement in this project underscores our dedication to supporting maritime accessibility, ensuring that vital waterways remain navigable, and contributing to the seamless flow of goods and trade through Singapore’s critical terminals. YTC Construction remains committed to excellence in marine maintenance.