Hyundai Van OORD BN JV Tuas View

Scope of Works

Revetment Works
Sand Trimming
Dredging Works

Construction Period

Apr 2008 – Nov 2012 (Phase by Phase)


Jurong Island, Singapore

dredging works

574,000 m³

Sand Trimming

355,000 m³

Geofrabric Works

351,000 m²

Stone Works

276,000 m³

Hyundai Van OORD BN JV Tuas View

The Hyundai Van OORD BN Joint Venture at Tuas View stands as a testament to collaborative excellence, undertaking critical revetment works, sand trimming, dredging, geofabric installation, and stone works. This project plays a pivotal role in enhancing the coastal and maritime infrastructure of Jurong Island, Singapore.

Project Details:

  • Location: The project is strategically situated on Jurong Island, Singapore, emphasizing its significance in fortifying the island’s coastal defenses and supporting marine operations.

  • Dredging Works: The project involves the meticulous removal of approximately 574,000 cubic meters of sediment, enhancing navigability and safety in the region.

  • Sand Trimming: A substantial volume of 355,000 cubic meters of sand is being carefully placed and leveled to shape and fortify the coastline.

  • Geofabric Works: A comprehensive area of 351,000 square meters is covered with geofabric, a vital component in enhancing the stability and durability of the reclamation area.

  • Stone Works: Approximately 276,000 cubic meters of stone are expertly sourced and deployed to reinforce the coastal defenses, providing protection against erosive forces.

Construction Period: This monumental project was initiated in April 2008 and is being executed in phases, with the final phase slated for completion in November 2012. The phased approach underscores the intricacy and magnitude of the project.

Contract Amount: The project holds an estimated contract value of S$28 million, reflecting the investment in enhancing the coastal and maritime infrastructure of Jurong Island.

The Hyundai Van OORD BN Joint Venture’s involvement in this initiative is a testament to their expertise in managing complex coastal and maritime projects, contributing to the long-term resilience and safety of Jurong Island’s coastal region.