Tuas A2 YTC

Scope of Works

Civil and Reclamation Works

Construction Period

Jan 2015 – Jun 2017 (29 months)


Tuas View Extension

dredging works

2,3000,000 m³

soil improvement works

27 Hectare

Shore Protection work

2,000 m

Main Contractor

276,000 m³

Tuas A2 YTC

The Tuas A2 YTC project is a substantial undertaking, led by YTC, focusing on civil and reclamation works. This project holds paramount importance in expanding and enhancing the Tuas View Extension area’s infrastructure and land development.

Project Details:

  • Location: The project is strategically located in Tuas View Extension, underlining its significance in bolstering the region’s industrial and commercial infrastructure.

  • Main Contractor: The capable YTC is spearheading this endeavor, showcasing their expertise in managing large-scale civil and reclamation projects.

  • Dredging Works: The project involves an extensive dredging operation, removing a remarkable volume of 2,300,000 cubic meters of sediment and debris. This operation plays a pivotal role in shaping the reclamation area.

  • Soil Improvement Works: A vast area of 27 hectares is dedicated to soil improvement, enhancing the soil’s engineering properties and preparing it for construction and development.

  • Shore Protection Works: A formidable 2,000 meters of shore protection works are being implemented to safeguard the reclaimed land and shoreline from erosion and other natural forces.

Construction Period: This substantial project commenced in January 2015 and is progressing steadily toward its anticipated completion date in June 2017. The project’s duration spans 29 months, demonstrating the meticulous planning and execution required for such a comprehensive endeavor.

The Tuas A2 YTC project underscores YTC’s commitment to advancing civil and reclamation works, contributing significantly to the growth and development of Tuas View Extension.