Samsung C&T Corporation Ltd

Construction Period

07 May 2020 – On Going

Scope of Works

Removal of Existing Revetment and Construction of New Shore Protection


Jurong Island, Singapore

Ext. Revetment Removal

32,000 m³

Shore Protection Works

45,000 m³

Supply & Lay Geofabric

106,102 m²

Sand Trimming Works

163,349 m³

Placing of Sand Bags

13,000 pcs

Samsung C&T Corporation Ltd

Samsung C&T Corporation Ltd takes on a crucial role in the “Design and Reclamation at Ayer Merbau – Phase 1 Part 2” project, situated on Jurong Island, Singapore. This project focuses on the removal of the existing revetment and the construction of a new shore protection system.

Project Details:

  • Scope: The project’s scope involves a comprehensive overhaul of the shoreline, including the removal of the existing revetment and the establishment of a robust shore protection system to safeguard the coastline.

  • Location: The project site is located on Jurong Island, Singapore, highlighting its significance in ensuring the island’s coastal resilience.

Quantitative Highlights:

  • Revetment Removal: A substantial volume of 32,000 cubic meters of existing revetment is being meticulously removed to make way for the new shore protection measures.

  • Shore Protection Works: A formidable 45,000 cubic meters of shore protection structures are being installed to fortify the coastline against erosive forces and maintain its integrity.

  • Geofabric Installation: An extensive area of 106,102 square meters is being covered with geofabric, a crucial element in enhancing the stability of the reclamation area.

  • Sand Trimming Works: The project includes the precise placement of 163,349 cubic meters of sand to shape and reinforce the reclamation area.

  • Sand Bag Placement: As an additional measure, 13,000 sandbags are strategically positioned to further bolster the shore protection system.

Construction Period: The project’s construction commenced in July 2011 and is set to conclude in December 2012, spanning a total of 18 months. This timeline underscores the meticulous planning and execution required for such a significant coastal reclamation and protection initiative.

Samsung C&T Corporation Ltd’s involvement in this endeavor signifies their expertise in managing complex projects, their commitment to environmental and coastal conservation, and their contribution to the long-term resilience of Jurong Island’s shoreline.