Sentosa Development Corporation

Construction Period

1997 – 1998

Scope of Works

Reclamation and Beach Formation Works


Sentosa, Singapore


200,000 m²

Revetment & Beach Formation Works

300 m long

Sentosa Development Corporation

The “Proposed Design and Construction of Offshore Islet at Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore” represents a significant coastal development project aimed at enhancing the allure of Sentosa’s Siloso Beach. This project encompasses reclamation and beach formation works, with a specific focus on the creation of an offshore islet.

Project Details:

  • Location: Situated at the picturesque Sentosa Island in Singapore, this project is strategically designed to augment the natural beauty of Siloso Beach.

  • Scope: The primary scope of the project revolves around reclamation and beach formation works, with a particular emphasis on crafting an offshore islet to enhance the beach’s aesthetic and recreational appeal.

Quantitative Highlights:

  • Reclamation Area: An expansive area of 200,000 square meters is designated for reclamation, adding valuable land and a new feature to Siloso Beach.

  • Reveting and Beach Formation: A 300-meter-long revetment structure is being constructed to protect the newly formed beach area and create an inviting shoreline.

Construction Period: The project commenced in 1997 and was successfully completed in 1998, demonstrating efficient planning and execution within the specified timeframe.

This endeavor showcases the commitment of the project stakeholders to elevate the tourism and leisure experience in Sentosa, Singapore. By merging reclamation, revetment, and beach formation, this project not only adds to the area’s scenic beauty but also offers new recreational opportunities for both locals and visitors.